Anthony Celani awarded Human Resources Research Institute Award for Best Ph.D Dissertation 2011

Anthony Celani, Professor, Sheridan Faculty of Business was recently awarded the Human Resources Research Institute (HRRI) Best Ph.D. Dissertation prize for 2011.

The Human Resources Research Institute (HRRI) was developed by the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) to advance the mission of HRPA as a human resources thought leader and broadly, to advance the profession of human resources, by funding both scholarships and empirical academic research projects which have clear application to Human Resources practice.

“It is an honour to have my research recognized by the Human Resources Research Institute. I am grateful to the many people who made my doctoral studies at McMaster University such a rewarding experience,” said Professor Celani.

Professor Celani’s doctoral research and dissertation centres around teamwork and the factors that can accurately predict the effectiveness of teamwork in organizations.

“HRRI is very thankful that through the support of Dr. Monica Belcourt, one of the founding Board members of the Research Institute, we assumed responsibility from the International Alliance for Human Resources Research at York University; first as the major sponsor and then for all aspects of the awards program beginning in 2011. We were excited to announce that in 2010, the awards winners were: Best Master’s Thesis – David Whiteside, Best Ph.D. Dissertation – Anthony Celani, ” said Antoinette Blunt, Chair, of HRRI.

The award is $2,000 for the Master’s prize and $4,000 for the Ph.D. prize. Both winners receive certificates recognizing their achievement and a one-year membership in HRPA.  Last year’s winners were National Master’s Thesis Award – Guillaume C. F. Pain, National Ph.D. Dissertation Award – James O’Brien

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