Susan Shepley, Liaison Librarian, Faculty of Business aka The Knowledge Broker

Susan Shepley, Faculty of Business Liaison Librarian

Did you know that Susan Shepley, Sheridan’s Business Liaison Librarian, can connect you with tools to monitor the latest trends in business, teach your students how to be savvy information seekers, show you how to access the massive invisible web to find those resources not available through Google?

Based at the Hazel McCallion Campus, Susan Shepley helps students to research by mining databases like Factiva, LexisNexis, and Euromonitor, which many students will encounter when they graduate into the business world. Shepley works closely with faculty to design research workshops tailored to specific assignments or learning outcomes.

“When people think of librarians, they tend to think just of books,”  says Shepley, “but I deal in information – social media, specialized research databases, data visualization, statistics, grey literature, and the invisible web.”

Susan Shepley works with students to improve their research skills.

Recently, Susan worked with Professor Linda Gowda to design a Current Events Research Workshop for International Business students that highlighted techniques for monitoring global trends, news stories, and the international business environment. Shepley and Gowda created hands-on activities for students to discover where to find reliable research for making smart business decisions.

“A true example of experiential learning, the integrated workshop not only benefited students; Susan and I also learned much from the session,” said Professor Gowda.

Working with a professor, Shepley created a customized research guide for students embedded inside the Business Communications SLATE course template.

Before joining Sheridan, Susan was Social Sciences Librarian at McMaster University where she was embedded into a curriculum for programs like the School of Labour Studies. Shepley collaborated with faculty, leading workshops and providing ongoing research support for student capstone projects. At the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science & Technology, Shepley was a Distance Education Librarian where she focused on e-learning. Shepley holds MLIS, University of Western Ontario, MA (History), University of Waterloo, BA (History), King’s University College.

If you are interested in trying out some new strategies related to information and research, contact Susan at x2472 to discuss how you can work together.

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