Faculty of Business – Associate Deans – Programs

Cindy Gillette

Cindy Gillette – Associate Dean

Maureen Gioseffi – Academic Portfolio Administrator

Programs – Human Resources, Human Resources Management, Office Administration- Executive, Legal, Medical, Tourism and Travel

Subjects – Applied Business Management, E-commerce Management


Jon Jones

Jon Jones – Associate Dean

Charlene Kawazoye – Academic Portfolio Administrator

Programs – Advertising, Advertising Management, E-commerce Management, General Business, Marketing, Marketing Management, Common First Year

Subjects – Business Communications, Mathematics


Jeremy Staples

Jeremy Staples – Associate Dean

Sandra Lieferink – Academic Portfolio Administrator

Programs – Business Process Management, Global Business Management, International Business, Paralegal, Project Management

Subjects – Computer Applications


Robert Giberson

Rob Giberson – Associate Dean

Darlene Davidson – Academic Portfolio Administrator

Programs – Accounting, Banking and Wealth Management, Finance, Financial Planning

Subjects – Economics

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