Faculty of Business starts to move into the new Sheridan – Hazel McCallion Campus

Laura Gill unpacks course materials for her new desk at HMC

Members of the Faculty of Business began to move their materials into the new offices at The Hazel McCallion campus in the heart of Mississauga.  While most of the campus is complete there are still a myriad of finishing touches to be added to the building and the equipment.  Sheridan IT technicians were hard at work setting up and testing the classroom technology to ensure a trouble-free start-up for September.

Sheridan faculty and staff participate in a Building Orientation Briefing

The day began with an Building Orientation Briefing to acquaint the faculty and staff with the new HMC campus which is still undergoing significant construction and finishing. Following the briefing, faculty and staff were taken on tours of the new campus and their new office space.

August 8 marks the move date for Office of the Registrar, Student Services (including the Assessment Centre) and Library Staff.

Taking the tour of the new HMC

In September 2011 the HMC will accommodate 1,760 students, including 1200 business students and 560 spaces dedicated to the training and re-training of new Canadians, foreign-trained professionals and unemployed workers. The campus will be leading edge in its design, services and programming, and will reflect the Creative Campus for Sheridan.


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  1. What a modern facility. Best wishes to all of you and your students
    Professor (FAHCS)

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