Sheridan professor to present paper critical of ban on religious face coverings at CMS 2011 in Naples

Sheridan Faculty of Business professor, Golnaz Golnaraghi

Sheridan Faculty of Business professor Golnaz Golnaraghi, has had an abstract “Unveiling” Quebec’s Bill 94 and implications for Muslim women – A postcolonial critique, accepted for presentation to CMS 7 2011  Critical Management Studies in Naples, Italy, July 2011.

The paper is co-authored with her supervisor, Albert J. Mills, PhD, St. Mary’s University, Sobey School of Business. A heated debate ensues in the Province of Quebec, Canada, regarding the proposed Bill 94, the first legislation in North American to place a de facto ban on religious face coverings. This is a small piece of legislation with a significant impact if passed. Widespread movements of this kind to ban face coverings have serious implications creating potentially new boundaries for Muslim women.

In this paper, the authors will explore the discursive nature and implications of Western moves to ban the niqab from public engagement. They also explore the issues raised for feminist organizational analyses in the face of difficult cross-cultural engagement.

It is the first time that the bi-annual CMS Conference will be held outside of the UK. This may be interpreted as a sign of the progressive diffusion of this branch of management theory, and in particular, the interest which is also emerging in Italy.  The 7th International CMS Conference aims to explore established social practices and institutional arrangements in new and often radical ways, inviting contributions from a global constituency of critical scholars, practitioners, students and other interested parties.

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