Sheridan College Tourism & Travel students earn Tourism Spain specialist designation

Sheridan Tourism and Travel students receive their Spain Specialist certification from Jorge Rubio, Consul, and Sara Sanchez, Embassy of Spain in Canada

Twenty-one second year Sheridan Tourism and Travel students successfully completed the Tourism Spain certification workshop and were awarded their Spain Specialist certificates in a ceremony hosted by Sheridan College and presented by Jorge Rubio, Consul in Charge of Tourism Affairs at the Embassy of Spain in Canada.

Spain Specialist certification was offered to all second year Tourism and Travel students, as part of Selling Destinations 3 a course on Selling European destinations. The students, who will graduate in June 2011 were given brochures, sales guides, maps and DVDs, from The Tourist Office of Spain and completed the training online.

Professor Donna Black receives her Spain Specialist certificate from Jorge Rubio, Consul, Embassy of Spain

“Becoming a Spain Destination Specialist was truly an amazing opportunity that I’m glad I completed – a learning experience that was informative, interactive and fun. Thank you to the Spain Tourist Board for allowing the Tourism and Travel graduates at Sheridan College to be able to receive this certificate,” said Stephanie Mcdougall, Fourth Semester Student, Tourism and Travel.

To become a certified Spain specialist students had to complete all 12 modules on the “Ilearnspain” site and successfully achieve 70% or higher on their Selling Destinations Spain test.

Students are now Spain Specialists

“Students at Sheridan College have received tremendous support from Mr Jorge Rubio, the Consul in charge of Tourism Affairs, from the Embassy of Spain in Canada. I would like to thank him for all of his support, ” said Victoria Renton, Program Coordinator, Tourism and Travel program.

The workshops and designation allows graduates to use the Spain Specialist designation when working as a travel representative.

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