Sheridan College graduates at Virox Technologies Inc

Sheridan graduates with their employer, Randy Pilon, President and CEO, Virox Technologies Inc.

Randy Pilon, President & CEO of Virox Technologies Inc., is a Sheridan College business graduate – and a dedicated fan of Sheridan graduates. Over the years, Virox Technologies Inc. has provided coop placement opportunities for Sheridan students in business and technological fields giving the students real business experience and Virox a chance to pick from the top students to fill their ranks.

Pictured here with Virox President & CEO, Randy Pilon are Sheridan graduates Rancis Samonte, Accounting 2007, Jr. Financial Analyst,  Mellissa Chito (Rempel), Human Resources 2007, Manager, Marketing Services,  Brett Neilson, Chemical Engineering Technology – Environmental, 2010, Quality and Environmental Coordinator, and Alan Haslett, Business 1989. The recent graduates were hired right after graduation from Sheridan, while Alan Haslett, Director of Strategic Alliances, who already had a professional relationship with Virox, was lured from his banking career to work with Virox.

“It’s very exciting to be working for a company that is on the cutting edge of new technologies where I am able to use my training at Sheridan and also my interest in protecting the environment. Sheridan prepares job-seekers for all areas of the modern economy, not just business, but the applied sciences as well,” said Brett Nielsen,Quality and Environmental Coordinator, Virox Technologies Inc.

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