Faculty of Business students take three scholarships at Virox Future Forum 2011

Three students walked away each with a $1000 scholarship and one student won a personal mentoring session courtesy of Randy Pilon, President & CEO, Virox Technologies Inc., at the recent Virox Future Forum 2011 hosted by Sheridan College Faculty of Business. Virox Scholarship winners included Faculty of Business students Stephanie Palasti, Jennifer Peddle, and Ernest Cornet. Reba Chopra won a personal mentoring session with Randy Pilon, President & CEO of Virox Technologies Inc.

Randy Pilon is the creator and sponsor of the Virox Future Forum, the President & CEO of Virox Technologies Inc., and also a Sheridan College business graduate. The Virox Future Forum is an invitation-only event funded through the generosity of Virox Technologies Inc. where future-thinking business speakers are presented in a day-long forum for top students in the Sheridan Faculty of Business.

Jennifer Peddle – Virox Scholarship winner

“The Virox Future Forum was insightful, informative and interesting. I am so glad I went as I definitely learned a lot. My plans for the scholarship are to use it toward university in the Fall. I am currently contemplating going to either Ryerson University or Nipissing University. I want to thank Randy Pilon again for his generosity and let him know that his money will be going to good use in furthering my education in the Human Resources field,” said Jennifer Peddle.

Stephanie Palasti – Virox Scholarship winner

Students praised the event, the speakers, and the opportunity to be part of the forum. “The event was so motivating and inspirational, such an honour to be surrounded by such incredibly successful people,” said Stephanie Palasti, Advertising program student, and winner of a Virox $1000 scholarship.

Ernest Cornet – Virox Scholarship winner

Ernest Cornet, a former Systems Analyst program student, is now completing his second credential in Office Administration at Sheridan College. “Luckily, I am a small business owner as well, so the topics were interesting to me. The money will be used to pay for the majority of my co-op administration fees,” said Ernest Cornet.

The Virox Future Forum 2011 connected top Faculty of Business students with top business speakers including Sean Wise of Wise Mentor Capital , David Foot of Boom Bust and Echo fame, and Trevor Bodogh, extreme athlete and performer and a graduate of the Sheridan College Business Administration – Finance program during the day-long event.

Reba Chopra – Virox Mentorship winner

“It’s not about who you are, it’s about what you do that defines you,” said Accounting program student Maria Sheikh. ”This perfectly reflects our three guest speakers  – it’s not about who they are, it’s about what they have done and about how they are actively empowering others that defines them and sets them apart as role models for many of us,” said Sheikh.

“As I am constantly meeting new clients, Sean Wise’s presentation helped me to realize the importance of preparation before client meetings and gave me tips on how to convey my goals clearly in a short time. from David Foot, I learned the importance of demographic shifts and how trends like birth control can devastate a country’s birth rate and change their production output,” said Chris Carre, Marketing program graduate.

 “ It’s not about who you are, it’s what you do that defines you” Similarly this quote perfectly reflects in reference to our three guest speakers “it’s not about they are it’s what they have done and actively empowering that defines them and sets them as a role model for many of us.

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