Trevor Bodogh – Extreme Athlete featured in 2011 Virox Future Forum at Sheridan College

Trevor Bodogh takes to the air in a demonstration of Bike Trials at the Virox Future Forum 2011

Sheridan Business Administration- Finance graduate and extreme athlete, Trevor Bodogh, a Bike Trials professional, brought his unique style to the 2011 Virox Future Forum hosted by Sheridan College with a heaping dash of extreme sports mixed with his message of entrepreneurial spirit as he demonstrated his skills both on a Trials bike and as a business speaker.

This was Bodogh’s third appearance at the Virox Future Forum. During the first Future Forum Trevor Bodogh was an invited third year student in the audience and by the time the Forum had ended he had successfully pitched an audition with the Dragon’s Den and solidified plans to further his business with personal appearances at several extreme athletic events in Canada and the United States.

Trevor Bodogh ready for Dragon's Den

Trevor is already a sought after extreme athlete who has appeared with the Research in Motion Blackberry Flip promotion which successfully toured across Canada to promote the Blackberry flip phone.  He has appeared on extreme sports television programs and toured Bike Trial events across Canada and the United States.

Bodogh spoke to Sheridan Faculty of Business students about the need to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in career plans to enhance the potential graduates chances of being successful in business.

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