Sheridan Human Resources students raise money for breast cancer awareness during Think-Pink event

Sheridan Faculty of Business Human Resource program students again created their own ride for the cure as they raised more than $2000 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  Recently the Sheridan Human Resources Inter-Scholastic Committee, set up a stationary bike and accepted pledges and donations as they rode the exercise device in half-hour stints from nine to five every day for a week.  In addition, HRIC members sold baked goods, sweets and candies that they baked and solicited from local merchants.

The Sheridan HRIC students invited Sheridan president Dr. Jeff Zabudsky to ride the bike for a half-hour shift and also convinced Associate Dean, Jeremy Staples to pedal the machine for a shift.

The Human Resources Inter-Scholastic Committee is composed of under-graduate Human Resources program students at the Oakville campus who undertake many fund-raising events as part of their community awareness mandate.

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