Inside the new Mississauga Campus – a sneak preview

The Mississauga Campus from the rear - facing toward the northeast - Click for a larger image.

Recently the Mississauga Campus Relocation Committee had an inside look at the construction progress at the new Mississauga Campus, as Karam Daljit, Sheridan Vice-president, and on-site representative conducted a tour of the various areas under construction at Phase 1 of the new campus.

The Sheridan group points out areas of interest. Click for larger image

Sheridan faculty included Brian Lyons,Doug Greenwood, Mark Rust, Kellie Hayward, Mary Kanko, Associate deans Cindy Gillette, and Neil Robb,  Dawn Macmillan of the Student Advisement Centre, Trevor Hanekamp and Jason Gerrity from IT,  and Mary Preece, Senior Vice-president Academic.

The new Mississauga Campus will take full advantage of the natural sunlight to help illuminate the building with the advantage of automatic shades as the sun becomes too strong during part of the day.

Jason Gerrity points out classroom features. Click for a larger image

Jason Gerrity pointed out that the new classrooms would be at least 12 feet from floor to ceiling with an additional three feet above that to contain and conceal the heating, air-conditioning and other IT infrastructure.

Click for larger image

In addition the classrooms would feature several overhead data projectors which will allow for multiple projections to various areas of the classroom.  The new projectors will be hung at a higher angle to allow the professor to literally stand in front of the screen without blocking the image.

All rooms and hallways are at least 12 feet to the interior ceiling. - Click for larger image.

In addition, many classrooms are extra large and come equipped with automatic sliding walls so that they can be quickly and easily divided into two sections.

Sheridan’s new campus is on schedule for substantial completion by March 31, 2011, and will be open and ready to receive students in September. Located at 4180 Duke of York Boulevard in Mississauga, the Phase 1, four-storey building will total 156,000 square feet, and will accommodate up to 1,760 full-time students. Programming will focus on post-secondary and post-graduate business programs, with additional spaces reserved for English language training and academic upgrading to serve newcomers and workers in transition. For more information on programs, courses, and the new campus visit

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