Sheridan School of Business…this week

Mississauga City Center campus

The mid-term break has come and gone and we are moving far too quickly towards the end of term, final assignments, final exams, and the dreaded end of term grade entry.

Meanwhile, the Mississauga City Centre Campus is moving along, the outside walls almost entirely closed, interior wiring, plumbing and such is proceeding apace. We are assured that the building will be ready for us come September 2011 – and also, meanwhile, thanks to the hard work of many, the academic planning and preparation continues to make us ready for “The Big Move”.

City Centre Campus approaching from north.

If you feel stressed out – review the changes that we have endured, and the changes yet to come in the School of Business – soon to be named the Faculty of Business as we move ahead with college-wide name changes to reflect the changing and evolving culture at Sheridan College.

Working next to the sun.

We have a new dean of business, a new president, a new campus, a new attitude about how learning can be delivered, and a new attitude about creativity, and what it means in a college learning environment…..Whew!

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