Sheridan School of Business to host 31st annual OCMC Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition

Associate Dean, Jon Jones, Doug Greenwood, Charlene Kawazoye, Crystal Bennett, and Marcie Theoret of the Sheridan College 2010 OCMC planning team.

The Sheridan School of Business will play host to more than 500 Ontario college business students and faculty at the 31st annual Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition (OCMC)  November 18 and 19 at the Delta Meadowvale Inn in Mississauga located between the two main campuses.

The planning committee for this year’s event includes Associate Dean Jon Jones, Doug Greenwood, Marketing Post-graduate Coordinator, Marcie Theoret, Coordinator, Sheridan School of Business Marketing program, Crystal Bennett,  Sheridan Marketing graduate and Sheridan Student Union President, and Charlene Kawazoye, Assistant to the Associate Dean.

“In addition, our team includes Peggy Barnwell, Coordinator-Advertising program, and Keith Barnwell, Advertising faculty who are organizing the OCMC Quiz Bowl Event – this is the OCMC planning team thus far – we’ll bring other people in at the appropriate time as we need more expertise,” said Greenwood.

Sheridan College and the Sheridan School of Business is this year’s host of the 31st annual OCMC college event which attracts college business students from most Ontario colleges. “We are very grateful to our corporate sponsors this year for helping make this competition happen,” said Greenwood

This year’s OCMC is slated to be held on November 18 and 19 at The Delta Meadowvale Inn, a facility capable of holding an event the size the Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition.  OCMC 2010 is expected to draw more than 500 students and faculty from 14 Ontario colleges pitting Business, Marketing, and Advertising students in more than a dozen events.