Sheridan Professor Scott Stratten on 30 city tour to promote his new book UnMarketing

Scott Stratten - Social Media Expert

Tweeting to his more than 63000 (and rising) followers every step of the way, Sheridan School of Business professor Scott Stratten is off on a hectic ten week 30 city tour across North America to promote his new book released by Wiley Publishing UnMarketing: Stop Marketing and Start Engaging.

And Stratten just can’t stop proving that social media attracts hordes of followers to the audience. He pre-sold hundreds of copies of his new book when he announced his tour by asking his followers to find sponsors in each city to guarantee an initial sale of 100 books and to pay his expenses.  After announcing the first ten cities, his audience rallied and the tour was guaranteed – social media in action. Stratten says that he now needs to write a book about putting his book tour together through Twitter- just to reinforce his maxims about engaging the audience through social media.

To find Scott Stratten on Twitter just click his link at Unmarketing.

Stratten has been named by the global PR company Edelman as the 19th most influential twitterer by engagement.

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