Sheridan College Human Resources HRIC students raise money for flood ravaged Pakistan relief

Sheridan School of Business HRIC students raise money for aid to Pakistan.

Sheridan School of Business Human Resource Inter-Scholastic Council (HRIC) recently raised more than $650 during a bake sale for relief to flood ravaged Pakistan.  The recent event, organized by the Trafalgar campus HRIC, had students provide home-made baked goods supplemented by sponsored baked good and treats to many willing buyers in the B building.  HRIC president Susan Wall said that the event is one of many to be held by the Trafalgar HRIC in aid of various local and world-wide charities.  This event was co-sponsored by the Canadian Red Cross agency who will match dollar for dollar the money raised by the Sheridan business HRIC students to be donated to flood ravaged Pakistanis.