Sheridan School of Business faculty and staff welcomes new Dean, Dr. William Holmes

Dr. William Holmes, Dean, Sheridan School of Business

Sheridan School of Business faculty and staff have an opportunity to informally meet and greet their new dean, Dr. William Holmes at each campus this week. Dr. Holmes meets with faculty and staff Tuesday after Student Orientation activities at the Davis Campus and Thursday after the Trafalgar Campus Student Orientation.  Wednesday new faculty and staff will also have an opportunity to meet and mingle during a welcome back BBQ and faculty meeting on Wednesday at the Trafalgar Campus.

Bill Holmes joins The Sheridan School of Business from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver where he has been the Executive Director, Undergraduate Program, Faculty of Business Administration. During his time with SFU, Bill successfully developed and fostered a highly effective service culture; ensuring that a positive and rewarding student experience is foremost in the mind of educators and administrators.

Prior to joining Sheridan College this year, Dr. Holmes spent the summer teaching in Copenhagen and  assumed the role of Dean, Sheridan School of Business on August 16, 2010.