Jon Jones to assume role of interim Dean for Sheridan School of Business

Jon Jones, Interim Dean, Sheridan School of Business

Mary Preece, Vice-president Academic Sheridan College announced the interim appointment of Sheridan School of Business Associate Dean, Jon Jones, who has agreed to serve as the Acting Dean for the School of Business until the end of August to support both the School and Bill Holmes, in-coming Dean, as he orients himself with the Sheridan School of Business in August.

“Jon Jones will provide sound and committed leadership and I look forward to working with him in this interim capacity”, said Preece.

The interim appointment is to ensure seamless transition of administrative functions between the departing Carolyn Ferreira and the newly appointed Dean, Bill Holmes, who will arrive in August to assume his role.

Associate Deans, Cindy Gillett, Neil Robb, and Jeremy Staples will continue to add support to the administrative functions of the Sheridan School of Business during this transition period.