Lou Schizas set to host Sheridan School of Business Academic Awards Event

Lou Schizas, financial analyst, broadcaster and Professor of Finance, Sheridan School of Business

Lou Schizas, a well known financial analyst, educator and broadcaster,  will host the 2010 Sheridan School of Business Academic Awards Event. The annual Academic Awards Event features more than 100 academic awards valued in excess of $50,000 presented to more than 100 Sheridan School of Business students. The School of Business academic awards are funded by faculty and sponsors and include donors from more than 40 national and local organizations.

This year’s host Lou Schizas is a life long investor and entrepreneur who defines success as having the resources needed to satisfy your needs and to build on your dreams. Lou bought his first stocks at age 11 and started his first business at age 15.

Schizas has served as the business analyst for AM 640 Toronto Radio since 2001, and is a proud advocate of capitalism. From 1999 to 2007 Lou was the Senior On-Air Equities Analyst for Business News Network whose popular “Lou’s Mailbag” feature analyzed over 16,000 stocks for viewers. Lou has also appeared on CTV NewsNet, CTV’s Canada AM, and CBC’s Business News.

Mr. Schizas is a Professor of Finance at Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Oakville, Ontario where he helps his students get the most out of their investment in education.