Sheridan School of Business Human Resources HRIC students raise funds for Breast Cancer Foundation

HRIC's Jo-Anne Mandau "Rides for the Cure" on the stationary bike, as Sheridan Esthetician students work their magic on donors' nails.

For nearly 40 hours, over the course of one week, 15 members of the Sheridan School of Business, Human Resources Inter-Scholastic Committee, tirelessly pedalled a stationary bicycle set up in the main hall of Oakville’s B building to raise funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. While the HRIC students pedalled, students of the Sheridan’s Esthetician program offered free manicures to anyone willing to make a pledge.

In a final total for the HRIC Ride for the Cure campaign last week, the HRIC collected $1,730 in pledges, while Sheridan’s Esthetics students, combined with donations made during the week, raised $542.00, making a grand total of $2,272 raised on behalf of the HRIC in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

HRIC Event Planner, Jo-Anne Mandau points to the rising donations generated for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation on the stationary bike.

Sheridan Human Resource student and event planner for the Human Resources Inter-Scholastic Committee, Jo-Anne Mandau created the event to set up a stationary bike in B-wing and collect pledges so that HRIC members could “Ride for the Cure”.  For four days, February 16th to 19th, the bike was in motion for 10 hours a day, in one-hour shifts, by various members of the HRIC. The bike was set up outside Grassroots boutique, and riders, HRIC members, and members of the college community were encouraged to make a pledge to support this unique experience.