School of Business Office Administration students scribe for Mississauga Works – Mayor’s Job Summit

Centre, Office Administration Coordinator, Nancy Barrington, and Associate Dean, Cindy Gillette are surrounded by Sheridan School of Business students who participated in the recent Mississauga Works - Mayor's Job Summit.

Sheridan College School of Business students and Deans played key roles as scribes and facilitators at Mayor Hazel McCallion’s Mississauga Works – Mayor’s Job Summit held recently at the Living Arts Centre.  Keynote speakers at the event included David Crane, Writer/Analyst on Innovation Policy,  Dr. Warren Jestin, Chief Economist, Scotiabank, and John Tory, Chair, Toronto City Summit Alliance. Keynote addresses focused on the current economic situation in the GTA, what cities can and must do, and what cities and business leaders can do together.

Sheridan College President, Dr. Jeff Zabudsky, participated in a panel of speakers which included leaders from government, labour, and business located in the Mississauga area. The Sheridan School of Business Deans acted as facilitators to spark the round-table discussions of 150 top Mississauga employers from business, labour, government, education, and non-profit organizations gathered to brainstorm ideas on how to create employment in Mississauga.

“The Mississauga Works – Mayor’s Job Summit was a unique experiential learning opportunity for the 14  students in the Sheridan School of Business Office Administration program.   Sheridan students  showcased their excellent skills by capturing key points from the round-table discussions using their laptops and then synthesized the ‘big ideas’ into PowerPoint slides for later use in the plenary session”, said Nancy Barrington, Coordinator, Office Administration programs.

The Mississauga Works – Mayor’s Job Summit was sponsored by GE – Imagination at Work, GSK GlaxoSmithKline, Scotiabank, and Bell Canada.