Virox Theatre named for Randy Pilon’s contributions to Sheridan School of Business students

Sheridan School of Business students Sonya Jenkins, Renee Harty and Sara Laurencic join Randy Pilon, right, and Dr. Jeff Zabudsky left, for the dedication of the Virox Technologies Inc Theatre.

Sheridan’s SCAET theatre was re-named the Virox Technologies Inc Theatre in recognition of Randy Pilon’s great contributions to Sheridan College and the Sheridan School of Business. Pilon, President, and CEO of Virox Technologies Inc, is a Sheridan School of Business graduate and a 2006 Hall of Fame inductee.

Pilon was the driving force and major contributor to The Virox Future Forum, designed to bring Sheridan School of Business student leaders and powerful business personalities together to discuss the future needs of employment, and to help Sheridan graduates make plans for successful careers in business.

Sheridan’s new president Dr. Jeff Zabudsky praised Pilon’s contributions to Sheridan College and The School of Business saying that it was donors like Randy Pilon and Virox Technologies Inc that help Sheridan students to “Shine Brighter”.