Sheridan School of Business Paralegal students raise cash and hope for ravaged survivors in Haiti

Adrea Smith, left, and Megha Ahuja offer baked goods to fellow students to raise funds for Haiti

Sheridan School of Business Paralegal students rallied around Adrea Smith to offer baked goods to raise funds for the victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti.  By the time the last cupcake was consumed, Smith and her fellow students had raised $600 with a matching donation from the Government of Canada for a total of $1200 donated to the survivors in desperate need in Haiti.

Adrea Smith, a second-year Sheridan Paralegal program student was deeply concerned about the desperate need of the victims in Haiti and knew that she must make some type of donation to the cause.

“I couldn’t just sit by and do nothing for the Haitian victims so I decided what better way than to sell baked products at school that is affordable for students,” said Smith.

Smith rallied her entire family and her fellow Paralegal students together to create the bake sale.  Her son Stephaun created posters for the event, her aunt Joeta baked, and classmates Camy Duff, Megha Ahuja, Sebrina Smellie, and Michael Quelch assisted Smith in bringing the idea to fruition.  Smith also received donations from her Paralegal program professors, and from many fellow Paralegal students.

Smith asked Richard Leighton, program coordinator,  for a letter which she took to several food stores to aid in her fund-raising. She received a lot of no’s but that did not stop her.  At the end Price Chopper (Mclaughlin/Queen St. location) and Longos (Hurontario & Ray Lawson Boulevard) gave her gift cards which were used to purchase baked products from their stores.  Smith also received cash donations from Natural Cleaning Services and Traffic Ticket Links in Brampton.