School of Business Creative Visioning Workshop envisions a new campus at Mississauga City Centre

Peter Bouffard facilitates the Creative Visioning Workshop for the new School of Business campus to be located at Mississauga City Centre.

More than 100 Sheridan School of Business faculty explored the challenge to envision “what could be…” for Sheridan’s new Mississauga City Centre campus. Assisted by the Creative Campus committee, School of Business professor Peter Bouffard and facilitators lead his colleagues through a visioning process

Peggy Barnwell records her group's visioning.

that challenged School of Business faculty to question the relevance and effectiveness of  every current decision making process, every initiative, and every academic act that happens or will happen at Sheridan College.

Over the period of several hours School of Business faculty representing more than 30 programs brainstormed the questions “What new and innovative things might we do in the School of Business to release the full potential of each student?’, and “What new and innovative things will transform our School of Business into a world leader?”

Banking and Wealth Management program Coordinator, Henry Katz is completely immersed in the visioning process.

Groups of eight faculty and facilitators grappled with the questions in the context of the elements of space, technology, community, curriculum, and inter-professional in order to explore the impact of the visioning process and the proposed ideas on the shape of the new Sheridan School of Business. Each faculty participant were invited to add to the group vision recorded and share with the entire group.

Doug Greenwood shares his group's vision with the workshop.

A result of the Creative Visioning process will be to share the envisioned ideas with other participants at Sheridan College and to post the results of the workshop for reflection in the School of Business and the college at large.

The Sheridan School of Business is slated to move some programs to the new campus for September 2011, and to completely move the School of Business several years after that.