Ryan Bennett, Sheridan graduate, proudly carries the Olympic Flame at Gage Park in Brampton

Sheridan graduate, Ryan Bennett, carries the Olympic Torch at Gage Park in Brampton on a Sledge Hockey sled.

Ryan Bennett, 21-year-old Brampton resident, the final torchbearer for Brampton‟s leg of the Olympic Torch Relay, carried the Torch by sledge hockey sled – a first in Olympic Torch Relay history.

Thousands were on hand for the announcement by Mayor Susan Fennell at the City‟s Annual Christmas Tree Lighting festivities at Brampton City Hall that Bennett, a 2009 graduate of the Sheridan School of Business Tourism and Travel program, was the final torch bearer and lighter of the Olympic cauldron for the City of Brampton.

“The Olympic Winter Games inspires all of us to celebrate athletic achievement, excellence and the pursuit of dreams. We are thrilled to be part of the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay,” said Mayor Fennell. “And we are even more honored that our final torchbearer, Ryan Bennett, will make Olympic Torch Relay history in Brampton.”

Ryan Bennett is the first torch bearer to carry the Olympic Torch by Sledge Hockey sled.

Brampton‟s Olympic Torch Relay ceremony took place at 6 pm, Friday, December 18, at City Hall.  Bennett received the Olympic Torch at the entrance to Gage Park, across from City Hall, and cruised his sled around the outdoor skating trail before he and the torch were transported to a wheelchair where he wheeled himself and the Olympic Torch to the event stage, and lit the Olympic cauldron.

“I’m very honoured and excited about the opportunity to do this – What an amazing night! One I will never forget,” said Bennett.

Ryan Bennett, lights the 2010 Olympic cauldron in Brampton, Ontario