Accounting program Professor Ern Harley retires from Sheridan School of Business

Ern Harley and wife Anne listen as retired colleague Gary Macmillan speaks glowingly of his working relationship with Ern.

Accounting professor Ern Harley recently celebrated his retirement from the Sheridan School of Business after nearly 25 years of service. Harley joined the Sheridan School of Business after working with Revenue Canada in their accounting division.

Sheridan School of Business colleagues celebrated Harley’s retirement at the recent holiday reception and many colleagues took the opportunity to speak of their working relationships with Ern.

Sheridan School of Business colleagues wish Ern Harley well during his retirement.

Associate Dean Stuart Munro, a colleague of Harley’s both at Sheridan College and Revenue Canada spoke about Ern’s work ethic and his determination and empathy for students. Retired colleague, Gary MacMillan, also an office mate of Harley spoke of their friendships and experiences together at Sheridan College.