Accounting program Professor Ern Harley retires from Sheridan School of Business

Accounting professor Ern Harley recently celebrated his retirement from the Sheridan School of Business after nearly 25 years of service. Harley joined the Sheridan School of Business after working with Revenue Canada in their accounting division. Sheridan School… Read More

Ryan Bennett, Sheridan graduate, proudly carries the Olympic Flame at Gage Park in Brampton

Ryan Bennett, 21-year-old Brampton resident, the final torchbearer for Brampton‟s leg of the Olympic Torch Relay, carried the Torch by sledge hockey sled – a first in Olympic Torch Relay history. Thousands were on hand for the announcement… Read More

Cindy Gillett to assume new role as Associate Dean for The Sheridan School of Business

The Sheridan School of Business warmly welcomes Cindy Gillett in her new role as Associate Dean. Gillett will officially assume her Associate Dean role on January 4, 2010 and be responsible for several program areas. Gillett joined Sheridan… Read More