Sheridan School of Business takes Gold, Silver and Bronze at Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition

Nancy Dewar and Monique Pawlak cheer Crystal Bennett's award in the Job Interview event at OCMC 2009.

Sheridan School of Business students took  Gold,  Silver and Bronze awards at the 2009 Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition in Hamilton, Ontario.

Chris Carre and Juno Jesuthasan with the Gold award for the Entrepreneurship event.

Juno Jesuthasan, and Chris Carre took the Gold award in the Entrepreneurship event, Crystal Bennett took the Silver award in the Job Interview event,

Crystal Bennett wins the Silver award for the Job Interview event.

and Amanda Patchett and Jayme Bennett took the Bronze Award in the Integrated Marketing Communication event.  In addition, Anna Misheal and Steve Kalpakis took an honorable mention with a fifth place victory in the Sales Management event.

More than 250 marketing and marketing-related students from 13 Ontario colleges compete in 11 challenging events at the annual Ontario College’s Marketing Competition.

Amanada Patchett and Jayme Bennett take the Silver award in Integrated Marketing Communication.

The Sheridan School of Business sponsored 18 highly coached marketing and marketing-related students to compete in this year’s OCMC events.

The annual marketing competition is a two day event with students competing first in the wildly popular Quiz Bowl Event which pits four-person randomly chosen mixed-college teams in a highly entertaining and challenging ten round elimination match.  The purpose of the lightning quick event is to answer marketing factoid questions taken from three current marketing textbooks and current issues of Marketing Magazine and Strategy Magazine.

Anna Misheal and Steve Kalpakis win a fifth place mention in the Sales Management event.

The second day of the Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition is centred around nine prepared Case Events where students take real world case scenarios and prepare marketing solutions for a panel of judges selected from industry professionals, and a Job Interview event where students prepare to interview for an entry-level marketing position.

Ready to enter the Grand Ballrom for the 2009 OCMC Awards Banquet

The last event of the OCMC is the gala Awards Banquet and the awarding of the coveted prizes for the marketing events. This year 13 Ontario colleges brought together more than 400 students, staff, and faculty in the Mohawk College hosted event. Sheridan College will host the 2010 Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition.