John Keilty inducted into Sheridan School of Business Hall of Fame 2009

John Keilty, owner of the Gananoque Inn & Spa and a 1970 Business Administration graduate is the 2009 inductee into the Sheridan School of Business Hall of Fame, celebrated during the recent Sheridan School of Business Academic Awards ceremony.

John Keilty, Sheridan School of Business Hall of Fame 2009

John Keilty, Sheridan School of Business Hall of Fame 2009

Keilty was a member of the first class in the Sheridan School of Business and held student number 22. After graduating Sheridan College, he began his career in sales with the Campbell Soup Company. He was then recruited by Pepsi Cola Canada as Sales Manager, for Ontario and Western Canada.

Striking out on his own, Keilty bought into Smiths Falls Bottling Works and Frontenac Beverages which had bottling and distribution franchises for Pepsi-Cola and Seven Up products. He sold the companies in 1989 and retired at age 40. Boredom soon set in and he started a wholesale food distribution company called Findlay Foods. He then sold his shares in this company in 1999.

During this period, in 1995, Keilty bought The Gananoque Inn & Spa and restored it to its former grandeur, expanding rooms, adding fine dining, a pub and a spa. Now rated as one of Ontario’s Finest Inns, The Gananoque Inn & Spa was voted by Canadian Country Inns magazine as Canada’s most improved inn.

As the owner of Keiltyco, John has acquired numerous real estate holdings in Eastern Ontario. John Keilty represents the entrepreneurial spirit that is the hallmark of the Sheridan School of Business.

“Sheridan Business gave me credibility. Sheridan Business enabled me to get my foot in the door of two major corporations. Then it was up to me to perform and to prove I was worth what I was earning. My professors taught me there is a bigger picture and encouraged me to go after the ‘golden ring’. Speaking of the ‘golden ring’, I still wear it with pride today – my gold Sheridan College ring,” said Keilty.