CultureFest is Color and Motion at Davis Campus as Sheridan College students sway to the good times

CultureFest dancers delight joyful crowd

CultureFest dancers delight the joyful crowd in the Sheridan Student Centre at the Davis Campus

In a swirl of color, dancing, food, good times and good music, Sheridan’s Davis campus students mixed and mingled, sampled and swayed during the recent CultureFest held in the Sheridan Student Centre.

Cultural pavilions and tables featuring tempting foods and cultural dress from Afghanistan, Guyana, India, Italy, Jamaica, Lebanon, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Trinidad and Tobago, and even Canada enticed more than 600 students to wander through the Sheridan Student Centre to savour the flavours.

Sheridan Students immerse themselves in the cultural displays.

Sheridan Students immerse themselves in the sight sounds and tastes of the cultural displays.

Each pavilion showcased a unique culture, food, music and people. A Calypso Band from the West Indies entertained with their signature steel drum music from morning to early afternoon.

Then a range of cultural entertainment took centre stage for the rest of the afternoon as Hawaiian Dancers invited party-goers to try to move their hips like the Hawaiians.

Mexican dancers swirl in their colorful costumes

Mexican dancers swirl in their colorful costumes to the delight of the audience.

More performances from Mexican Dancers, a Belly Dancer, Afghanistani Dancers, South Asian Dancers, an Irish Guitar Player, Classical Indian Performers and a classic Bagpiper entertained the appreciative crowd for hours.

As CultureFest attendees mingled at the many ethnic tables and pavilions, watched entertainment, and shared each other’s costume, culture and food, they all got to know each other a little better by making connections with each other.

Cultural costumes were a favorite of the attendees.

Intricate and beautiful ethnic costumes were a favorite of the attendees.

CultureFest was organized by the Sheridan College Student Union in conjunction with the Sheridan Business Council. Baldeep Randhawa and Chuck Erman organized the entertainment for the Sheridan College Student Union. Oshin Chhabra and Iqbalpreet Pabla from the Sheridan School of Business, Business Council coordinated the Pavilions.

“Special thanks goes to Sheridan’s Student Services who also participated and helped organize the event – and to the many Sheridan College students who contributed by sharing their culture, enthusiasm and time,” said John MacRae, Sheridan School of Business professor and Student Life Advisor.

CultureFest attracted more than 600 people throughout the day as this is the first time that the organizers held the event during the day.

“All in attendance were filled with a sense of community, lots of food and enough cultural pride to last a long time. The Sheridan Business Council and the Student Union already have their sights set on CultureFest 2010. We will return to cultivate the Sheridan College spirit that comes with sharing and celebrating our cultures,” said Macrae.