Sheridan wins Gold in CASE District II Accolades Award for photo of Business professor Brian Lyons

Photo of Brian Lyons wins Gold award for photographer Jonathan Bielski

Photo of Brian Lyons wins Gold award for photographer Jonathan Bielaski

Jonathan Bielaski, an Honors graduate of Sheridan College’s prestigious Photography and New Media Programs and the official Ovation magazine photographer, was awarded the Gold award for black and white photography for a photo of business professor Brian Lyons in the recent CASE Accolades Awards. The photo accompanied an article in Ovation magazine extolling the contributions of Lyons to Sheridan College and the Sheridan School of Business since 1967.

“Jonathan Bielaski has honed his skills in complex lighting and set design and consistently leads his firm into exciting new projects. He has proven his talent with many award winning campaigns, and can now add this Gold win, on behalf of Sheridan’s Ovation magazine,” said Deborah O’Malley, Manager of Alumni Relations at a recent ceremony to mark Bielaski’s Gold award.

CASE (The Centre for Advancement and Support of Education) is an international organization comprised of a regional representatives from all colleges and universities in eastern Canada and the US.

Brian Lyons and Jonathan Bielski hold the winning photo.

Brian Lyons and Jonathan Bielaski hold the winning photo.