Doug Greenwood qualifies for Boston Marathon 2010

Professor Doug Greenwood qualifies for Boston Marathon

Professor Doug Greenwood qualifies for Boston Marathon

Posting an overall finish time of three hours and 43 minutes in a windswept and gruelling Hamilton Marathon, Doug Greenwood has now qualified to enter the renowned Boston Marathon on April 21, 2010.

In the Hamilton Road 2 Hope Sunday Marathon, Greenwood placed overall 189th in a field of 489 male and female runners in all adult age groups. In his own age class, Males 50-54 years, Greenwood posted a respectable 27th out 60. The 42.5 kilometre race started up on Hamilton “mountain” and wound down the escarpment on the Red Hill Expressway then along Lakeshore Drive on the Burlington Beach strip and finished in Confederation Park.

“The wind was very high through the race, and I was holding to 5:14 pace per km up to the descent down Red Hill Expressway and when I got off the expressway I was still holding to 5:14 per km. By the time I finished the race I was wasted, my legs were completely gone. But now I’m eligible to go to Boston – I’m going to celebrate,” said Greenwood.

While the prestigious Hamilton race attracted runners mainly from the Golden Horseshoe area (between Niagara Falls and Toronto) participants came from all over Ontario and Quebec and some from as far away as Kenya and Krakow, Poland. The top five finishers posted winning times of two hours, 15 minutes to two hours, 37 minutes. The median finishing time was about three hours, 52 minutes and the last finisher completed the course after five hours, 50 minutes.