“Network Like a Professional” adds new skills for Sheridan Business Graduate Certificate students

Graduate Program's "Network Like a Professional Event"

Sheridan's Graduate Program "Network Like A Professional" Event

Sheridan School of Business Graduate Certificate program students met in McDonald-Heaslip Hall October 7, to practice the skills required to successfully network in contemporary business culture. More than 100 graduate certificate students networked with business professionals, program coordinators, professors and alumni, in a cooperative pilot project designed to prepare graduate students with the skills needed to help them network professionally and keep their job prospects bright.

The Sheridan School of Business, in cooperation with Cindy Gillett, Sheridan Student Services and Employment Advisors, Laurie Elliot and Christina Wiggins, created and hosted the pilot project designed to add another step to the career process Sheridan College offers students to aid them in successful career placement at the end of their studies in Sheridan Business programs.

Kevin Ocimba and Jim Deakin confer before Ocimba's keynote address

Kevin Nascimben and Professor Jim Deakin

Keynote speaker, Business 1999 alumnus, Kevin Nascimben, spoke to the graduate students about his networking experiences since graduation at firms at such as Hitachi Canada, Hewlett-Packard, and Sharp Canada. He stressed the need to network and demonstrated how to build relationships with colleagues as a means of moving forward in career aspirations.

Nascimben also praised his Sheridan professors and his Business Administration program for helping him to successfully prepare to enter the workforce. He also stressed the importance of remaining connected to Sheridan College as an excellent path to building and maintaining good business relationships.

Sheridan's graduate students listen intently to networking advice

Sheridan's graduate students listen intently to networking strategies