Sheridan’s Paralegal* program is accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada

Sheridan is one the first colleges in Ontario and in the Greater Toronto Area to have a Paralegal* program accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada. The Sheridan School of Business program underwent a rigorous screening and renewal process to ensure that the curriculum meets the standards and competencies for paralegal education program accreditation as set out by the Law Society.

“Accreditation status means that Sheridan’s program meets the highest standards and our students graduate with all of the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in their careers as paralegals,” said Gerard Mercer, Dean of Sheridan’s School of Business.

Sheridan’s Paralegal* program emphasizes oral and written advocacy and focuses on all areas of permissible practice for paralegals. These areas include provincial offences court, provincial offences appeals, Small Claims Court and tribunals such as the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal and the Workers Safety and Insurance Board. Graduates of the program may work as independent paralegals or find employment in the courts, land registry offices, law firms and other law related settings.

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*Name change pending approval from the Credentials Validation Service – previously titled Court and Tribunal Agent.